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Industry Experience

At Embedded Devices our industry experience includes engineering & co-engineering of the following products and systems:

Industry Sector

Product / System

Communications Analog PSTN subscriber-end data/fax/voice modems, answering machine, Digital Primary Rate ISDN subscriber-end data modem rack equipment for ISPs, FM radio, cordless phone, GPS, ADSL covert communications feasibility study, wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b installation recommendations & RF link budget analysis, theoretical assessment of EMI from a 430MHz electronic tag device, USB host port with MSD (CD, memory stick, hard disk, etc.) class driver support, 20MHz - 2.7GHz RF Power Amplifier
Computer Connectivity & Accessories USB Wireless dongle, IrDA 1.0 Text Paging Device, 2.4GHz Wireless Headset
Safety Fire detectors, Alarm consoles, public announcement & public visual display systems, Emergency Distress Beacon (Cospas/Sarsat satelitte system)
Mining Underground RFID tracking system, Leaky Feeder Communications system
Medical Respiratory regulation device, Hearing aid Amplifier ATE, Brain signal acquisition
Manufacturing Hearing Aid Amplifier - automated test software (ATE), In-built product ATEs, Hardware test jigs
Government & Infrastructure Australian Air Traffic control voice communications system, road traffic management transponder system, Investigation of Interference to Aircraft Navigation Systems & Mitigation Recommendations, railway systems, building electrical services investigations & recommendations
Defence HF Radio Modem, Mobile Air Traffic Control voice communications system, VHF/UHF Combat Net Radio, Tornado Aircraft Stores (ammunition) Management System Simulator, Tactical Trunk Communications Network, Personal Locator Beacon
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