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Standards Compliance

We provide guidance, advice & the engineering essential to have your product meet the standards compliance regulations of domestic & international markets.

We provide consulting and the engineering required for regulatory compliance of access to wired public subscriber networks (eg. PSTN, ADSL, ISDN, Leased Line, X.25), wireless spectrum (eg. Broadcasting, Personal Area Networks, Scientific) and radio spectrum licensing.

Regulatory Standards Compliance

  • Advice and design of products for Standards Compliance Marking in the following regions:
    • Australia & New Zealand: C-Tick & A-Tick as regulated by the ACMA
    • Europe: CE Mark
    • North America: FCC
  • Advice on requirements, determine design criteria, provide licensing & compliance solutions in the engineering fields of:
    • Wireless Telecommunications (Broadcasting, Personal Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Community, Scientific). Radio spectrum access & license issues as regulated by the ACMA.
    • Landline Telecommunications (PSTN / POTS, ADSL, Leased Line, Power Line, Local Area Network)
    • Electrical Safety
    • EMC (see below)

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Resolution of electromagnetic compatibility issues and standards compliance. In this field of expertise, we are affiliated with EMC Services Pty Ltd.
    • EMC testing to national & international standards, assessment and recommendations of electromagnetic radiation of products regarding personal health safety and equipment interference
    • EMC Testing to national & international standards of product immunity to interference from electrical equipment and telecommunications broadcasts
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