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Product Development

Our typical product development services are listed below under the categories of Product Variants, New Products, Outsourced Products, and Product Maintenance:

New Products

  • Development of new products over the full product development lifecycle:
    • Ideas & Concepts
    • Requirements Definition & Analysis
    • Specifications
    • Systems Engineering & Architecture
    • Hardware Design (circuit analysis & diagrams, PCBs, PWAs, bill of materials, prototyping, testing & documentation)
    • Software Design (modelling, software diagrams, coding, testing & documentation)
    • Prototyping (for proof of concept, business demonstrations and field trials, before committing to a manufactured product)
    • Maintenance

Product Variants

  • Development of new models based on your existing product base:
    • Customisation for specific applications or another country market
    • Low cost re-design to satisfy sale price shifting or to increase profit margins
    • Optimisation of performance to raise market appeal and positioning
    • Unique complimentary features for added product value and marketing leverage

Outsourced Products

  • Development of products that are outsourced (eg. from an Original Equipment Manufacturer):
    • Product recommendation / assessment / evaluation
    • Assessment of available or competing product technologies
    • Customization (modification of the outsourced product (with OEM consent) to meet your specific requirements)

Product Maintenance

  • Maintenance of your existing products:
    • Design maintenance (eg. software bug fixes, equipment compatibility issues)
    • Design Authority (responsibility and action for any design issues effecting products sold)
    • Alternative part specification of lower cost, short-supplied, superseded or obsolete parts
    • Product Training to Customer Support personnel
    • Technical Reference to Customer Support personnel
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