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Engineering Expertise

The electronics hardware, software and systems engineering services provided by Embedded Devices are conducted by highly experienced professionally qualified engineers with outstanding credentials:

Embedded Systems

Electronics   Microprocessors  Embedded Software   DSP  PCB  Hardware

Systems Design

Architecture, Requirements Analysis, Specification, Technology selection, Hardware and Software Interfaces, Systems diagrams, RF Systems

Electronics Hardware

Hardware module definition and interaction, Block diagrams


Software module definition and interaction, diagrams, structured (eg. Ward/Mellor, Yourdon) and Object Oriented (eg. UML) design methodologies.

Electronics Hardware

Microprocessor  RAM  ROM   DSP  LCD  HMI   RF  Keypads  Digital   Analog  Programmable Logic

Microprocessor Hardware


8/16/32 bit RISC & CISC microprocessors, 16/32 bit DSPs, 4/8 bit PICs
Memory RAM (static, dynamic, non-volatile), Flash ROM
I/O Address encoding/decoding, glue components, buffering, latches
Interprocessor Communications DMA, Dual Port RAM, I2C & serial interfaces, CAN

Hardware Modules

Power supply

Linear, switched mode, Universal, mains and battery powered, battery rechargers
Data Acquisition & Signal Conditioning Receivers, Transmitters, 2 to 4 wire hybrids, Filtering, AGC, ADC, CODEC
Control Digital logic, Power drives
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Keypads, LCDs, Audio
Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitters, Receivers, Antennas, Amplifiers, Synthesisers, Analog Front Ends, Baluns, Transmission Lines

Regulatory Compliance

EMC, Electrical Safety, Telecommunications

Hardware design to comply with national and international standards of EMC, mains power connection, and telecommunications network connection. Standards compliance to Australian (C tick), European (CE mark), North American (FCC) and international (IEC).


Intelligence  Algorithms   DSP  C/C++  Protocols  HMI   Assembler  Device Drivers  Structured  UML


Device Drivers (Keypad, LCD, Indicators), local/remote management & control, local/remote monitoring, command protocol parsing and dispatching
Device Drivers UART, serial E2PROMs, CODECs, ASICs, LCDs
Frameworks Proprietary software frameworks for hardware platforms not requiring a typical commercial operating system
Operating Systems Integration of commercial Operating Systems (eg. VRTX, Nucleus, pSOS)
Computer Connectivity IrDA & USB stacks, Plug and Play (including RS232), ISA, PCI, Serial (async & sync) & parallel device drivers, command sets & protocols. Low and high level connection handlers
Communication Protocols

Physical (eg. device capability exchange and connection establishment)
Datalink (eg. error correction, data compression, data rate adaption)
Network (eg. PPP, IP)
Transport (eg. TCP)
Application (eg. SNMP agent)
Digital Signal Processing Algorithm development & software coding (eg. filtering, modulation, signal acquisition, synchronization, adaptive equalization, encoding/decoding, forward error correction, diversity)
Data Acquisition & Control Algorithms, State machines, continuous & discrete systems


PSTN  InfraRed  USB   Wireless  Bluetooth  Radio  Modulation   ADSL  GPS  Ethernet  Serial   Optical  ISM


WAN Landline PSTN, ISDN, E1/T1, ADSL, SDH, X.25, multiplexers,communication switches, terminal adapters, head-end network equipment, data modulation
Wireless (broadcast) GPS, HF/VHF/UHF radio, data modulation
PAN (Private Area Network) IrDA (Infrared), ISM band (Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11a,b,g, cordless phone, remote controls, etc.), Ethernet
Computer Connectivity USB 2.0 host & device, IrDA, Bluetooth, Parallel, Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485), ethernet, IP based networking protocols
Computer Connectivity IrDA & USB stacks, Plug and Play (including RS232), ISA, PCI, Serial (async & sync) & parallel device drivers, command sets & protocols. Low and high level connection handlers
Wireless Systems (RF)

Technology Selection, Link Quality & Reception Optimization, RF Link Budget Analysis, Signal Coverage Analysis, Signal Fading Countermeasures, Information Security (frequency hopping, encryption,  authentication), Reliability (signal to noise margin, error correction, interference avoidance), Covert Communications Techniques


Interference   Radiation  EMC  Induction   Degaussing  Magnetisation  Suppression   Containment

Magnetic Fields

DC Magnetic Fields Geomagnetic Fields, Magnets, Electromagnets, Degaussing, Magnetisation & Demagnetisation
AC Magnetic Fields Human Safety, Interference Analysis, Predictions, Mitigation, Shielding
Electromagnetic & Electromagnetic Compatibility Surveys, Radiation & Interference Analysis, RF Systems Design, Human Safety, Shielding, Propagation,  Suppression, Containment
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